In memory of Bill McIntyre


and his beloved dog Tess.


Tate and Tatum

These two beautiful puppies are Tate and Tatum. They were rescued by our partners Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. One of their volunteers found them at a strip mall where a guy was trying to sell them.

She took them back to the rescue and when they were observed to be lethargic and not eating, they were taken to the vet. They were to have parvovirus as well as Camplylobacter, Clostridium and Enteric bacteria. Their treatment involves a regimen of antibiotics. Tatum needed a transfusion. They are hospitalized and will remain so for a few days.

The Tess McIntyre Foundation is providing funding to help with the cost of their care. They are estimated to be 12 weeks old. Tate is eight pounds, Tatum is six. Despite their tough start, the prognosis is good for both and we’re pleased we could help.

Donations to The Tess McIntyre Foundation are tax deductible. The Tess Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charity.
Tax ID # 47-5329117.

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