In memory of Bill McIntyre


and his beloved dog Tess.

Mary Jane

This poor girl had spent her first two years chained up outside. She was owned by a hoarder in Perkins County, Ga., who used her as a breeding dog. When she was rescued by our partners at Home for Good Dog Rescue she had recently had puppies.

Mary Jane was found with mange all over her body, from head to tail. She is blind in one eye and was heartworm positive. Her teeth were damaged from trying to chew her way out of her restraints.

Mary Jane

Tess McIntyre Foundation is sponsoring Mary Jane to pay for her heartworm and mange treatment as well as having her spayed. We know that the treatments we are funding and the care provided by our partners at Home for Good will help Mary Jane to not only recover her health, but to find a home where she will be loved and valued.

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